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Excursions to CLUB TROPICAL… a place of Magic and Wonder for all ages.

This is a tale that is still being written.  It takes place in a slightly altered reality – possibly on what are other parallel timelines.   It is a spot I invite you to visit.  I will provide you with some guidance to get there.  It is a place where you can learn a great deal about yourself and find answers to questions you have that have yet to be answered, or even asked possibly.  It is a place where you can design the world of your desires and get the feeling of it in your heart.  You will find that you can take these feelings of satisfaction and appreciation into the story you are most used to telling yourself about your life.  As you practice this excursion process you will find things will shift in all of your timelines.  

Where are you really and do you really know what is real?

On this page you will learn how to visit the Club Tropical Resort.  It can be your place of power and knowledge if you choose to open your mind to the journey. 

You will discover that current appearance aside, you are a being far greater than the character you are currently playing in the flesh and blood day to day reality perceived by your senses.

You will learn that the story narrator in your mind has many beliefs that hold you back – this is not surprising since from the moment of your birth you have been getting external programming designed to get you to conform to the popular storyline of the day.

For these excursions we are going to leave our everyday reality to travel to a different dimension.  We are going to activate a hidden program that is also part of your built in operating system.  It goes by different names but is most often referred to as the way of the Shaman.

Regardless of the ancestral lineage of your current character in this play of life, this spiritual path is part of your heritage.  Governments and organized religions persecuted those with great abilities in this area historically because they feared they would lose control if large numbers of people realized their true abilities.  Since the 1960’s what we shall call the Age of Re-Enlightenment has been evolving.  We have seen this expressed in the Arts and technology development but most importantly, we see it in the growing worldwide demand for personal freedom and empowerment.

A new social order is arising and it is the modern day Shaman and mystic that will design this new world.  We truly hope you will join us in creating these new worlds.  Most important will be the immense satisfaction, hope and joy that you bring to your own life.  This will them be magnified as you broadcast your energy to the world around you. 

This next bit of information introduces you to quite possibly the most valuable process you will find in these pages.   It is a well established tradition that goes back 100,000 years, part of your cultural heritage regardless of where you trace your ancestry from.  The truth is that we are all unbounded multidimensional beings interconnected with all of Creation through time and space.  Possibly you have always sensed this and it is certain your distant ancestors in time knew the reality of our close relationship to the natural world as well as the energy world that we are immersed in.  Nurturing your direct connection to altered dimensions in consciousness is your natural source of power, knowledge and balance.  It is a direct connection with no intermediaries needed and as a result has been suppressed and attacked through the ages by those fearing these abilities and seeking control.  We all have access to this power and knowledge but we must seek it and then invest some time in practice to build our skill. 

It is commonly known as the Way of the Shaman. 

From the Introduction to “Walking in Light” by Sandra Ingerman

ALTHOUGH SHAMANISM IS AN ANCIENT PRACTICE, it is relevant to all of us today who are seeking ways to live a life filled with harmony, good health, and returning balance and peace back to our lives and to the planet. As a licensed psychotherapist, my passion in teaching shamanism has been how to bridge such an ancient way of working into the Western world to deal with the current challenges that we face. Shamanism is a practice that continues to evolve to meet the needs of the times and the cultural needs of the people. The ability of the practice of shamanism to evolve is why it continues to be so relevant today: thousands of people are embracing unity consciousness and the use of light and sound for healing. I feel strongly that shamanic practitioners must continue to evolve their work in order to stay current and keep the practice of shamanism relevant to today’s world. In this regard Walking in Light is not just a beginning course on shamanic journeying. Rather, this book will take you into your inner realms, where you will learn how to live a shamanic way of life that embraces a state of joy that bubbles up from a deep place within. You will learn how to center yourself in the midst of change and be able to stay focused and filled with hope no matter what is going on in the outer world. You will acquire tools to help you wake up each day being present to what life brings to and for you, for life always brings us situations and experiences to help us grow, deepen who we are, and evolve. We need to learn how to change our perception to see how life’s challenges are all part of the life adventure we signed up for.

The Re-Enchantment: A Shamanic Path to a Life of Wonder…. a book by Hank Wesselman 

An Invitation to Awaken to a Reality of Wonder and Infinite Possibility

In a time when our scientific understanding of the universe has never been greater, why do so many people feel unhappy and alienated? As Dr. Hank Wesselman explains, our search for objective knowledge has come at the cost of a deeper, intuitive rapport with nature and our spiritual selves. The result is a profound disenchantment, one that affects us individually and collectively. What we need now is a “re-enchantment”―a way to renew our relationship with nature, reawaken to spiritual reality, and reclaim the sense of connection and hope that gives meaning to our lives.


Ready for an adventure that will transform your life?

For your exploration and adventure we are going to invite you to use Club Tropical as your base station.  We are going to provide you with a drum track to help carry you there by shifting your brain to an altered state of consciousness.  Each person’s Club Tropical may be different and you will be free to make your own design alterations. 

This will be your personal place of power and inspiration.  You may have sensed but never really believed in what children often think of as imaginary friends.  Maybe you used to sense the Spirits in nature like the wise owl or the powerful tiger or experience the flight of a bird in a dream.  Are they real or simply illusions?  We can tell you that the world of your five senses is extremely limited when it comes to what really is real.  But all of this you will discover for yourself as you begin to embark on your own journey’s in consciousness.

There is a beautiful garden high on a cliff overlooking the ocean with a promontory of land in the distance. I don’t have a path to the beach but there is a convenient elevator that opens at beach level of The Club Tropical.  This is a beautiful and peaceful hotel/club/restaurant/beach bar that has been expanding for years. Through my visits there it has grown considerably from what had been mostly a table set for breakfast on the top of the cliff outside an area with guest rooms.

What does your spot look like?  This is an experiential adventure.  If you like, think of this as simply an enjoyable form of meditation.  We want you to make the request of The Force (to use a Star Wars reference that is quite accurate in the BIG game) to keep your energy levels high and positive so that you will always attract the best that is available to you.  Your activating intention for these adventures will be finding and learning from your guiding and helping Spirits.  These can come to you from many different dimensions to visit you in what you may call your Sacred Garden.   

You don’t need to try and do anything.  You cannot do this wrong.  All will be the creation of your own mind.  An important truth that you will learn is that consciousness and belief shape future reality.  Everything that takes form was first an idea.  Trust in the power of that.  Never forget that you are an integral part of all creation directly linked to the Sun the Earth and all living things.  This may be beyond your ability to accept at this moment but you will become aware that you are an unbounded eternal being capable of what many may perceive of as magic. 

We will talk more about interconnectedness, immortality and unified field theory but for now, try taking an excursion.  It’s always good to start by asking The Force to be with you (which is really just a way of referring to your own higher self that is taped into Universal consciousness) then set an intention for your journey.  Knock and the door will be opened.  Go with the intention of meeting some of your helping Spirits and getting to know them a bit.  Maybe you will find you have immediate questions for them.  A note: you will get the best results with “how” questions – they will probably not want to answer “should” questions as those decisions are to be left up to you and the answers of your own heart.

Set aside about 20-30 minutes where you can be undisturbed and find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down.  Now, start the sound of the drum to help you shift your frame of mind then just relax and watch the movie.   When it is time to return to your ordinary Reality, the drum beat will change to alert you.  Gently return, offering appreciation for whatever you experienced as you depart.  Upon getting back, make some notes describing your journey to help you reinforce whatever knowledge or insight you were offered.  It should be noted that like most exercises, you will get better and better at it as you practice so if at first little seems to happen have no fear – it is all there for you to find and you will likely be astounded by what you will find over time.

Enjoy your adventure in consciousness!  

Let the sound of the drum take you on an adventure.

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