We are seeking individuals who have realized that they have total control of their personal reality.

For most of us this takes some practice because our beliefs and thoughts must transcend the generally accepted ideas of what reality is.

We are each Designers of Reality for better or worse. Careless thinking and undesirable beliefs will not take us where we need to go if we are to be the powerful creators of an ever new and improved reality of experience for all on this lovely planet we are blessed to have as a home.

We have been given dominion over this domain and we are here to protect and nurture all that exist here. There is nothing fixed about reality other than whatever you believe it to be it will be for you. Your hopes and dreams will always guide you to what you should believe in and heart will keep you on course. If it "feels" noble and right, you are on track.

You are on a mission to make a better world and you have access to all of the power of the Universe to make it so.

"A sincere seeker knows that belief is dynamic power, and he has his power as his very own." -Sri Chinmoy

"Follow your deepest dream, the one you had as a kid... but stay focused." -Donal Logue

"Without desires and dreams, your thoughts do not matter." -Stephen Richards

"We don't wait for the future to come to us. We give birth to the future." -Alain Yaovi M. Dagba