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Bob Marley Natural Mystic

Until the white man stops calling himself white
and the black man stops calling himself black,
we will not see it.

All the people on earth are just one family.
Life…it’s life we deal with. No death.
He that sees the light and knows the light shall live.
When the time comes, people will seek the truth in all things.
They get it when they are ready to hear it.

Man can’t do without God.
Just like you thirsty, you have to drink water.
You just can’t do without God.
I pledged to work for righteousness.
God’s given me inspiration.
So me personally as a man is nothin’
without the inspiration of Jah.”

From Bob Marley: In His Own Words (In Their Own Words)

Photographs of a Reggae Legend

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Bob Marley performs in San Diego, 1978.
Bruce W. Talamon

Our pick as the BEST book about Bob Marley & The Wailers: The Book of Exodus: The Making and Meaning of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Album of the Century

New Adventures
Rasjohnmon's Reggae Club Tropical

I had made a lot of twists and turns on his road and wasn’t at all sure of where I was going but I had a lot of questions seeking answers. Jah only knew why I thought I might find some answers way off the mainstream at Rasjohnmon’s Club Tropical. Any of my friends would have felt it was pretty farfetched and that I was just going to chill out and party in the tropics. Well, if that was all it turned out to be, that would be fine too. It would just be one more little side trip. I could hear lightly crashing waves in the distance and the rustle of the breeze through the dense tropical foliage. It was soothing after the harrowing drive from the hotel.

The car door creaked as I opened it sending some unseen birds and other creatures scattering in alarm. In the distance, I heard the opening bars of a song called Celebrate Life. It was a favorite of mine for the music and the message. I had most fortunately seen the song’s creator, Lucky Dube, live several times. His performances were always a joy to behold. His message, like Bob Marley’s, was one of hope and the determination to rise above despair and the hardships of life.

As I walked toward the entrance to Rasjohnmon’s tropical retreat listening to Lucky’s “Celebrate Life”, I thought once again about how good my life was. This was one of Lucky’s last songs and spoke about how we lived in a world of crazy people who often did terrible things but that we must not let that overwhelm us, we had to rise above it and celebrate Life. His message of celebrating life had always come through loud and clear. I thought it would be nice if a lot of people who had far less trauma in their lives would get that message and help spread it.

A stone walkway lit by flaming torches on tall poles lead from the edge of the dirt clearing where I had parked to the open entrance to the club. Lucky’s voice singing “Celebrate Life” rose above the sounds of talking, laughter and clanking of glasses and dishes. I looked around and figured this was a pretty good place to celebrate life for a few hours at least. I saw an empty table by a window looking out toward the beach and took a seat. There were a couple of dozen other people there, spread out between the bar that extended out to an open air deck and the other tables. An unoccupied stage was at the other end of the room where I was sitting. The walls were covered with all kinds of musical mementos from framed LP’s to photos, posters and ticket stubs. The floors were smooth and shiny, I imagined from plenty of dancing feet. Big bamboo fans turned lazily from the ceiling.

As I sat there enjoying the wonderful tropical night I had no idea that my life was about to change in very dynamic ways.

I noticed a sign on the wall with a Rasjohnmon guote,
“The perfect response to life is to just say THANKS”.