A Sacred Garden Journey

At the heart of spiritual awakening lies the discovery that each of us can achieve the direct, transformative connection with the sacred realms—a connection that defines the mystic. The Journey to the Sacred Garden guides us along a well-traveled path into this extraordinary experience. The first goal: to find our Sacred Garden, a place for personal empowerment; as well as physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual restoration. Once there, we learn through direct experience that the garden can be used as a gateway into the other levels of the inner worlds.

Please share your thoughts - send us a note about your adventure - did you learn anything useful? did you have fun?

Get ready for an adventure in consciousnessReady to go? To start the Journey Drum Track without introduction, CLICK HERE (20 minutes)

Get ready for an adventure in consciousnessClick HERE to access an introduction to Shamanic Journeying from Hank Wesselman (54 minutes)

The Journey to the Sacred Garden

The Journey to the Sacred Garden

The Re-Enchantment: A Shamanic Path to a Life of Wonder

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