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An Adventure Story – Birth

This is a tale that may punch holes in how you currently perceive reality. This is definitely the case if you do not believe that you have complete control over the shaping of your personal reality. All of this will be much easier to assimilate if you were born in this millennium – after the year 2000.

If that is you, you came hardwired for the digital age. The odds are very good that you find using technology fairly simple. You may find the older crowd comes to you to ask you how things work. Previous generations didn’t get into this game with a lot of the digital age programming you got. If you are in that older group, you can still figure it out but it just does not come as naturally to most of you.

This difference in our basic programming is much of what this story is about. If you are currently convinced that reality is not something that differs greatly from individual to individual it is likely to take you longer to become proficient at altering YOUR future reality to match your desires. There will likely be some re-programming for you to really accept that you have control over the direction your life takes.

There is a commonly held opinion that life just happens and you do your best to deal with it. The opposite of that is the realization that you are in control of much of the story the “character” you have designed is living.

Some people may get offended when they are told that life is really an adventure game that should not be taken as seriously as most people make it. You are primarily here to have fun. Many people believe that the wrongs they have been dealt by others give them justification to be angry and hurt. They want sympathy and demand someone fix these injustices. Maybe they blame themselves thinking it is something they have done and that their performance is constantly being judged. There is no higher power “judging” you. You are the only one who matters when it comes to evaluating how well you are playing the game. If you do something that does not work out how you want it to, learn from it and try a different approach. Did you get mad at yourself when you fell while learning to walk? Probably not – you just got up and tried again, gaining in skill with each attempt. That is how you should approach every task you decide you need to accomplish. Make everything an adventure and leave judgment to the less informed.

A key realization for you is the knowledge that reality is whatever you believe it to be. Your reality should not be what someone on the Internet claims or what is presented in the media unless those things are pleasing to you. Those views of the world will affect your reality to the degree you expose your bio-computer brain to the information but only to the degree you decide to “believe in” the information. If you don’t believe in those “facts”, they will have no relevance in your life experience.

Creating a More Compassionate Future

The Premise

We are not here simply to witness Creation – we are the Creators.
Crisis and challenge arise not to punish or defeat us but to inspire us to design new and improved solutions that promote balance and order.
We must not become complacent and settle for any dis-ease. Imagining and believing in a world of balance and harmony is our true purpose.
To stay on course we need only follow our feelings along a decision path that brings the most satisfaction, happiness and peace to our experience of the world.

We will make mistakes but that is how we are designed to learn and sharpen our abilities. Our lives have great importance because with every thought and deed we are shaping the future.

We are at the edge of Creation. In every moment everything is new again because it is all a product of our consciousness. What was no longer has importance – what will be is always up to us.

Believe in yourself and share your strength and light with the world. You are a peacemaker and you are capable of channeling unlimited power to heal and spread love and joy wherever you direct your attention.

We are warriors of Spirit. We are the Designers of Reality.

Welcome to a new adventure. It is a story where you learn how to have intentional control over what happens in your day to day life.

Regardless of what your current life situation is, you can alter the reality of your daily life.

We are at the point in time space where Creation is taking place. You are the Designer of Reality™. The question is, are you doing it intentionally or are you on a kind of auto-pilot simply responding to the world around you?

Your Part in the Adventure

Directed by what you are inspired to desire, your objective is to realize those aspirations in this time and space dimension. Everything starts first as an idea. It is your consciousness that will convert it to a physical entity. By consciously envisioning and believing in the future you desire, you will have a transformational effect on all of Creation. This is what you are here for and if you follow this path you will find great enjoyment and satisfaction as you learn to increase your ability to intentionally create your world.

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