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Pablo Romero Exhibit


The Club Tropical Gallery

Pablo Romero - To Be Sung to the Tune of...

This is the first picture that was purchased for the Gallery in the late 70’s in New York City.  I was good friends with Bannon Hall Garcia, who I worked with at NBC.  Brannon was very involved in the Arts and an accomplished opera singer.  I and a few other of Brannon’s friends were invited over to his home for dinner and drinks one evening to meet Pablo Romero and see some of his work.  Brannon was hoping to help Pablo sell some of his work.  I went home that night having purchased the piece above – entitled “To Be Sung to the Tune of: With Everybeat of My Heart”.   I also purchased a work entitled the “Last Supper” with the familiar scene in a similar whimsical style.  Very saddly this piece was stolen from a moving truck on the way to Florida.  Below you can explore The Club Tropical Gallery and see a few other works from Mr Romero that I subsequently aquired. 

Pablo Romero Gallery at Club Tropical - Room 4
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