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Story of Reggae Music

Sound systems brought the sounds to the people

4-disc Collection of Classic Reggae including a 48 page booklet history and track description from Trojan Records Listen to all four excellent segments plus more VITAL Roots Music right here! This is Reggae Music – Train To Skaville – 1960-68 This is Reggae Music – Do The Reggay – 1968-70 This is Reggae Music – […]

Marley R&R Hall of Fame

Bob Marley at Madison Square Garden, NYC

Bob Marley Inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Bono’s (U2) Bob Marley Induction Speech to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “I know claiming Bob Marley as Irish might be a little difficult, but bear with me. Jamaica and Ireland have lots in common¦ Chris Blackwell, weeds, lots of green weeds… religion¦ […]

Robert Nesta Marley Story

The rocket of positive Spiritual vibes was set to take off for Bob Marley

August 21, 2015 Robert Nesta Marley Story Robert Nesta Marley was born February 6, 1945 in rural St. Ann’s Parish, Jamaica; the son of a middle-aged white, British military officer father and a local teenaged black mother. Bob had little exposure to his father but got loving care from his mother Cedella and his Grandfather […]