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Joe Higgs - Berkely & Demos with Wailers

Joe Higgs LIVE at Ashkenaz

by Joe Higgs | Feb 17, 1990 Berkeley, CA

Jeremy Marre: Roots, Rock Reggae

Joe Higgs: Defines Reggae

“THIS MUSIC ORIGINATED FROM THE CONFRONTATION OF THE STRUGGLE — so the ROOTS, really, is from, a matter of, THE STRUGGLE — that’s where it’s from!!! It’s not even good to be known that you’re from TRENCH TOWN — this is the kind of STRENGTH that you have to really ACCUMMULATE — REGGAE IS A CONFRONTATION OF SOUND, maaan!!! REGGAE HAS TO HAVE THAT BASIC, VIBRANT SOUND, which is — to be HEARD in the GHETTO, is like playing the BASS very LOUD… and the DRUM… you know… those are the BASIC SOUNDS…

A CLASSICAL REGGAE SHOULD BE ACCEPTED IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD!!! In the same sense, FREEDOM — that’s what it’s asking for: ACCEPTANCE — is what it needs; and UNDERSTANDING — you know… THIS IS WHAT REGGAE IS SAYING!!! 

 You have a CERTAIN LOVE come from HARD STRUGGLE — LONGSUFFERING — a CERTAIN LOVE that, through PAIN, gird yourself with that HOPE of FREEDOM — NOT TO GIVE UP…

This may not sound like a reggae now, but it is.”

Joseph Benjamin “Joe” Higgs was a reggae musician from Jamaica. In the late 1950s and 1960s he was part of the duo Higgs and Wilson together with Roy Wilson. He was a popular artist in Jamaica for four decades and is also known for his work tutoring younger musicians including Bob Marley and the Wailers and Jimmy Cliff.
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