Shamanism, Witchcraft & Magic with Hank Wessewlman

Spiritual Organization and the Shaman

The Technology of Transcendence

Animism and Nature Mysticism - first Sacred Garden Journey

In this segment of the teaching, he will be working on our initial experience of the spirit world. He will show us the importance of discovering a place in Nature using our memory or creative imagination initially, the beginning of what will become our Sacred Garden, a place in nature special to us from which we begin every journey and to which we return at the journey’s end… especially if we have not been to the Sacred Garden lately.

Beyond the journey to the mystical side of Nature, we will also explore:
Animism and Nature Mysticism
From a place in Nature to your Sacred Garden
Discovering Altered States of consciousness using the drum

Animatism and Helping Spirits and Journey #2

In this session, Hank will be teaching on the importance of Helping Spirits who can connect us with the Life Force.

Anthropologist Hank Wesselman and his wife, shaman Jill Kuykendall discussed spirit medicine in relation to soul loss & soul retrieval. People can lose parts of their soul due to traumas such as abuse or the loss of a loved one, explained Kuykendall. There are three aspects to the soul-- spirit, body and mental which roughly correspond with Freud's superego, ego and subconscious (id), Wesselman further detailed.

Here are two segments from a 2004 radio broadcast: Soul Retrieval and The Three Realms

SAT - CHIT - ANANDA - Your Three Souls by Jill Kuykendal (click to launch video)

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Hank Wesselman The Spiritwalker Teachings: Journey for the Modern Mystic.

Listen to 1. FOUNDATION The Spiritwalker Teachings by Hank Wesselman

The complete Spiritwalker Teachings and the entire college semester course is available HERE.

Shamanism, Witchcraft & Magic - Uncover an Anthropologist’s Approach to the History of Shamanism, the Spirit World & Altered States of Consciousness.

w/ Hank Wesselman, PhD, Sierra College, 2006

Hank Wesselman, PhD.
Research paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman did his undergraduate work, as well as his Masters Degree, in Zoology at the Univeristy of Colorado at Boulder, then went on to recieve his doctoral degree in Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley. A native New Yorker, he has spent much of his life living and working among traditional tribal peoples and served in the US Peace Corps in the 1960’s. It was then that he first became interested in indigenous spiritual wisdom. Since 1971, his research has taken him to the fossil beds of Eastern Africa’s Great Rift Valley in search of answers to the mystery of human origins. That’s where the visions began. He has been teaching shamanic workshops since 1991. Hank passed in February 2021.

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